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Dave Leggett | 20 December 2006

I like to travel light but old habits die hard. At the Geneva show on press day, I am one of those few journalists still prepared to pick up and lug around the 'Hallwag' world car directory - size and weight of yellow pages. I don't really need to pick it up now that so much info is available online, but there is something reassuring about seeing it on the shelf, ready to serve when needed. Like a dictionary, reference guides like Hallwag seem sensible to have around in hardcopy, old-fashioned though that may sound, I know. And they are fun to flick through.

But here's an online car directory (below link to 'World of Cars') that you can download for free (good marketing ploy). Worth having, though it is stuffed out with specialist kit-car makers (that's worth a browse mind - didn't know someone in Britain is making a Lotus Europa replica) and is slightly out of date - 2005 edition. It's a free download, but be warned that the pdf file is 60MB, so it takes a while to come down the line. And I can't vouch for the accuracy of the Polish guys behind it. Blimey, there's a Nissan Fuga in Japan, a firm called, rather wonderfully,  'Lamboshop' in the US and Jinma in China is simply something else...

Two useful sources of up-to-date product info online are just-auto's product lifecycle database and Global Auto Index

World of Cars


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