Blog: Dave LeggettFrankfurt

Dave Leggett | 22 April 2008

Nice day to be out and about - looks like spring is finally sprung here. I am flying to Frankfurt this afternoon to attend the JD Power Global Automotive Outlook Conference. As I said earlier this week in the weekly newsletter, the event should be useful in terms of getting a view on how bad things will get this year in the US and in Europe. (If you don't already get the weekly highlights email, you can sign up for it here.)

As part of my ongoing efforts to travel as cheaply as possible while also avoiding the biggest and most unpleasant of the UK's busting-at-the-seams airports, I'm flying with Flybe out of Southampton. I've got just one item of hand luggage (coming back tomorrow evening, so travelling light) and my boarding pass is already printed off. Good to go. Must remember to buy some drinking water and a ham sandwich before getting on the plane - I don't think there will be complimentary champagne and smoked salmon on this one.


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