Blog: Dave LeggettFrankfurt – supplier sector restructuring

Dave Leggett | 13 August 2009

I have just heard that billionaire investor Wilbur Ross will be in Frankfurt next month to speak at a SupplierBusiness event that coincides with the IAA. Hats off to the people at SB for getting someone like him along.

Ross is a specialist in turnarounds and in unfashionable stuff that comes cheap and offer big returns when you fix it. Now, his eyes are apparently on the automotive supplier sector.

Suppliers may be generally experiencing tough times, but there are undoubtedly opportunities ahead for the ones that can stick around.

The theme of the conference looks pretty good  - with an electrification angle - and there are some eminent speakers with different perspectives.

I'll be going along with a colleague, Will Johnston. We have just booked our flights and accommodation. The date is September 17 (Frankfurt Show 'trade day') and the event takes place in the Messe where the show is – so you can easily take in the new cars also.

We will be staying in a very reasonably priced hotel near the main railway station (not far from the Messe showground). Judging by the Internet search for rooms we did, there are still plenty of hotel rooms available in Frankfurt around the show dates, even at this late stage.

SupplierBusiness event: A Radical Industry Reconfiguration


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