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Dave Leggett | 31 August 2007

The Frankfurt Motor Show IAA is getting closer and I have been busy trying to sort out what I am doing and who I am seeing while I am there (my itinerary is already tight enough to involve a taxi from the airport straight to a restaurant to join a meeting). One thing I definitely will be doing is attending a conference run by Edmund Chew's SupplierBusiness on the 13th. Looks like a good programme with some good speakers (for details, follow the below link).

I'm looking forward to hearing what Mr E Balasubramoniam (Head of Sourcing - Small Car project, Tata Motors) has to say about the 1 lakh. I hear it will definitely be unveiled at the Delhi Motor Show in January. 

I still haven't seen an image of the car and I must admit to being very curious. If anyone out there would like to anonymously send me a pic of the actual car, you know my email address (

Chewy's conference


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