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Dave Leggett | 26 August 2003

There are a whole load of invitations to press events and launches at the Frankfurt motor show in the post today. There's plenty of hype, but some of them look interesting. Daewoo's (now GM-Daewoo) PR team always seem to push the boat out a bit. They've organised a PR event to commence at the stroke of midnight on the 8th, therefore ensuring that it is the first of the press day.

There'll be a 'GM Daewoo Soul Lounge' party before that. I wonder if British TV chef Anthony Worrall-Thompson will be preparing nibbles? He used to show up on the Daewoo motor show stands on press days in full chef regalia and the Daewoo stands used to be a good bet for a freeloader three-course dinner on press days. Don't get me wrong: I'm not one to turn down a plate of food and a free beer, but there was something not quite right about the snaking queue of hacks looking to fill their bellies with a three course lunchtime extravaganza, replete with free wine. And that was when Daewoo Motor was already in trouble (and I don't suppose A W-T's services came cheap). Hard to see how Daewoo Motor benefitted.


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