Blog: Dave LeggettFrankfurt forecast conference impressions

Dave Leggett | 10 April 2003

Here are some initial thoughts to come out of the Frankfurt JD Power/LMC Conference. First, Bob Schnorbus presented a relatively upbeat assessment of volume prospects for the US light vehicle market which is being propelled by a new wave of incentives. Could be a lot worse, although one cannot help but be concerned over the volume/profitability trade-off. All in all, it's looking like 2003 isn't shaping up as badly as it might have done - also the case in Europe. The view seems to be that things should get better in 2004.

I was also mightily impressed with John Flemming's (VP Manufacturing, Ford of Europe) very full description of Ford's flexible production system at its European assembly plants - Genk, Saarlouis, Valencia and Cologne. Sounded like Ford is implementing some pretty smart manufacturing ideas in Europe on its volume ranges; wonder what will happen at one-plant-too-many PAG unit Jaguar though?

Some interesting presentations also on European market demand drivers, European OEM production prospects, developments in Eastern European and Asian markets. Feature on just-auto to follow when I find time to write-up.


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