Blog: Dave LeggettFragile 'shared suffering' consensus at GM

Dave Leggett | 10 April 2006

Despite Bob Lutz's remarks there are still possible future scenarios for GM that would involve Chapter 11; GM is not exactly out of the woods yet. The Delphi situation has yet to be resolved and the UAW has an eye on GM's considerable cash mountain as a source of compensation for its belt-tightening members at Delphi.

Beyond that, there's still a deal to be struck on a new labour contract with GM's workers. The current Wagoner-Gettelfinger 'shared suffering' (pain for shareholders too, re GM's shareholder dividend halving) consensus is seen by some as fragile on both sides. Wagoner is under pressure from Jerry York to be more radical and Gettelfinger has an increasingly disgruntled UAW membership base to contend with.

GERMANY: Lutz says GM has avoided bankruptcy


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