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Dave Leggett | 29 August 2012


How's your lifestyle?

I guess I look through plenty of company press releases every day. It's a mixed bag, naturally. The automotive biz, its companies and products, provides a wide area of coverage.

Just occasionally, there's something a little unusual in the mix. And so, today, I learned about Ferrari's efforts to look after the health of its employees. And well played Ferrari. The company's programme to improve the quality of life of Ferrari employees and their families  - has now become a case study. Not quite yer typical Ferrari press release:

Formula Uomo - the programme to improve the quality of life of Ferrari employees and their families  - has now become a case study.

The results of Ferrari's Formula Benessere project in preventing cardiovascular disease among its workforce was presented at the International Cardiologist Congress in Munich by Doctor Fred Fernando and Doctor Alessandro Biffi, founders of the Med-Ex Medical Partner Scuderia Ferrari, the team of doctors taking care of the employees and their families in Maranello.

One of the objectives of the Formula Benessere programme is to help instill a culture of health education through a complete medical check-up aimed at identifying the main physiological parameters and possible problems connected to risk factors. This analysis is followed by personal indications regarding nutrition and a personalised fitness programme based on the needs of the individual participant.

The Med-ex Medical Partner Scuderia Ferrari, with the help of 168 Ferrari employees, studied the programme’s effects over a period of four years, comparing them to the “Progetto Brisighella” study, which has been studying risk factors for cardiovascular and metabolism-related health problems on the people of Brisighella in Emilia-Romagna for the last 40 years becoming a benchmark for research in this area.

By analysing the Ferrari employee test group it has been found out that the risk factors have not only diminished since the introduction of the Formula Benessere programme, but they have improved compared to the Brisighella study, with  lower levels of cholesterol, HDL, LDL triglyceride and other risk factors.

In the study the authors underline how, thanks to the use of prevention tools by Ferrari, the risk factors have been lowered and contributed to improving the workers’ quality of life.

Formula Benessere is one of the many activities offered free to Ferrari employees and their families. Other activities include fitness studios, free school books and cinema premieres amongst others that contribute to improving the people’s quality of life as well as creating a strong sense of community.

Every year Ferrari invests  around 4  million  euro in this welfare project for its employees, on top of which the company also makes  continuous significant investments  in  improving  the working environment - one of the best in the world, for which a few years ago Ferrari  was awarded  “Best place to work in Europe” by the Financial Times.


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