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Dave Leggett | 8 July 2005

Anyone out there still follow Formula One? The sport is obviously in a bit of a mess at the moment. Indianapolis was an almost inbelievable farce, a triumph of self-interest and intransigence over common sense. I guess the sport just got so wound up in itself it forgot about the small matter of the people in the stands who pay very good money for the tickets and had turned up to see a race. But the descent into internecine farce between competing power blocs inside the sport has to have you wondering how long it will be before something really gives. We've a column from Rob Golding ahead of the British Grand Prix (tomorrow, Silverstone) that highlights some of the issues for the sport. Is the much speculated manufacturer breakaway getting closer? I wonder what David Richards thinks?

Should be interesting to see how Button does on home turf. Sounds like he doesn't rate his own chances too highly against the McLarens. But if something should happen to those cars...there are pretty long odds on Button to win that have me tempted to have a flutter.

GOLDING'S TAKE: The men to watch at Silverstone this weekend


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