Blog: Glenn BrooksForget the football, check out Hyundai's Zombie skewering car

Glenn Brooks | 22 June 2012

Zombies beware

Zombies beware

Lately, when I check Hyundai's global media website I am greeted by the surly faces of some famous (?) footballers. Who they are, I know not. I much prefer Hyundai Motor America's initiative to promote a car that impales zombies.

Sorry, I shouldn't tease football fans. Well OK then, just once more: my local pub has modified its promotional blackboard with the delicious and doubly provacative message 'soccer free zone'. (And I do speak a smattering of football; I just like to wind up the bores).

So then, back to applauding Hyundai's latest US marketing campaign. This sees the new Elantra Coupe suitably modified with a cow-catcher plough to impale and scoop up any troublesome flesh-eaters. There's also a hatch in the roof to allow the occupants to fire at the scary stumblers, grilles for the windows and windscreen, plus all-terrain tyres for a fast getaway. Not forgetting the wheel spikes.

If you love the Walking Dead graphic novels and TV series you'll understand what this is all about. If not, enjoy the soccer. As for me, for the third weekend in succession I'll be watching that other game which involves a ball: cheering for England against the Springboks.


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