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Dave Leggett | 21 May 2010

Will the UAW sign him up?

Will the UAW sign him up?

Technological innovations that can cross over from the military sphere to the civilian one have always intrigued me. There's something a little bit depressing about all the resources that we – collectively, as humans - put into 'defending' ourselves from each other. Necessary though it may be in the kind of world we live in, it's not exactly a positive thing for us to be doing.

On the plus side, at least there are plenty of spin-offs from all the considerable resource and technological wizadry that is expended on the military. An example this week is the 'virtual soldier' dubbed 'Santos' that Ford is using to get a better understanding of the ergonomics on the vehicle assembly line. A fascinating development. I wonder what Henry would have made of it? 

How long before they come up with a Santos (or even a reliable robot that doesn't fall over when negotiating stairs) that inhabits the real world? And when they do, it may well be the military that gets there first again...

US: Ford enlists 'virtual soldier' to improve quality


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