Blog: Dave LeggettFord's new US campaign

Dave Leggett | 14 April 2008

I have been sent a free article from the WSJ about Ford's new marketing campaign in the US - tagline: Drive One. It's an interesting strategy that Ford is adopting in order to make some headway with the buyers who dismiss Ford out of hand when making purchase decisions. They are, apparently, apathetic about Ford products. And there may be some cynicism among dealers that needs to be broached too - dealers are a key part of this campaign. Sounds like a serious initiative with laudable aims - communicate product strength/improvements, get sceptics behind the wheel and get dealers involved as true advocates of the product. Good that a company like Ford can do something fresh like this - and by implication acknowledge past mistakes.

But as Jim Farley notes, the US market will certainly be a tough place this year. And the full impact of this campaign may not be known for years.

Ford Aims to Wow Key Group: Its Dealers


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