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Dave Leggett | 3 April 2007

Champions League football is on TV tonight (PSV Eindhoven vs Liverpool) and I think I may sit down to watch it with my old friends, curry and beer. Earlier today, while my head was still trying to get around what that Supreme Court ruling on the EPA and CO2 means in the States, I was reminded that Ford has a commercial sponsorship arrangement with UEFA and the Champions League.

A press release from Ford highlighted what looks like an interesting initiative to bring certain aspects of football closer to the fans. I don't think it quite means that you can have a one-on-one with Patrick Vieira about the problems of the Italian game, or quiz former referee Anders Frisk about using video technology to help with close decisions, but there are some interesting elements.

Have a look for yourself. The video interview with Frisk and Vieira isn't too bad, all things considered. They do touch on some serious issues connected with the game. But I wonder who the guy with the newspaper behind Vieira is? Maybe it's his agent.

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