Blog: Glenn BrooksFord's EcoSport mini-SUV goes global

Glenn Brooks | 6 December 2011

Ford do Brasil

Ford do Brasil's EcoSport will be replaced in 2012

The web is a abuzz with supposed leaked pics of the second generation of Ford's EcoSport. The word is that this small SUV will have its global debut at next month's New Delhi Auto Expo. Which means India must be the unnamed second country (in addition to Brazil) that Ford has previously stated will be a build location for the new model.

Could this also be the 'small car' which I heard that Ford Australia has been developing and which is to have its world premiere at the New Delhi show? We shall see in just under a month's time. 

Another question I am keen to learn the answer to: will buyers be confused by an EcoSport EcoBoost variant? It seems likely that Ford will fit its new three-cylinder engine to this mini-SUV.

Adding EcoSport to the production line at Maraimalai Nagar also makes a lot of sense as this facility near Chennai already makes another B2e platform model, the Fiesta sedan. I now find myself wondering which other global plants might also start building this little SUV. If you're a subscriber to just-auto's current and future vehicles database, do have a read of the entries for the existing and next EcoSports, each of which I updated earlier today. And if you're new to the database, have a look at it here and see if it's for you.


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