Blog: Dave LeggettFord's Brazilian EcoSport

Dave Leggett | 11 August 2003

Sounds like Ford is seriously looking at increasing exports out of Brazil to make its operations there more commercially viable. With the depreciation of the Brazilian currency, that makes sense. And the vehicle it is looking at? The EcoSport soft-roader. But the Fiesta-based EcoSport is not to be confused with the European-made Fiesta-based Fusion urban off-roader. The latter has been heavily criticised as little more than a jacked-up and overpriced Fiesta estate. The EcoSport has an altogether more agressive look which appears to be going down well. Maybe Ford should look at marketing the EcoSport in Europe and maybe dropping the Fusion would make some sense (and name-changing EcoSport to Fusion II in Europe). That way Ford gets a niche vehicle at low-cost for Europe and can also re-jig its European operations when Fusion is taken out of the equation, to use the capacity to make a more profitable line, or reduce cost. One thing Ford has in its favour in Europe is its flexible plants. In getting a competitive edge, it should make the most of it.


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