Blog: Dave LeggettFord Mustang owner gets into trouble

Dave Leggett | 9 July 2004

I was just taking a break from an article that I am writing and visiting a few websites over coffee, like you do. I came across something that caused me some mild amusement and thought I'd post the link in here - it is Friday after all. It involves a Ford Mustang owner and what might be termed 'pilot error' on the switchgear, so there is some automotive connection. I just hope it doesn't say too much about typical Ford Mustang owner demographics.

Private Eye by the way is a UK-based satirical magazine that came to prominence in the swinging '60s. The late comedian Peter Cook - he of 'Pete and Dud' (Dudley Moore) - kept it going through some very expensive libel trials. Good to see it's still going strong and is as irreverent as ever. Funny Old World isn't it? 

Private Eye's 'Funny Old World'


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