Blog: Dave LeggettFord: good news and bad

Dave Leggett | 21 January 2005

We've an analysis piece up today from Rob Golding (a financial journalist) that gives his take on Ford's results announced yesterday. I guess overall, things could be a lot worse and a profit is a profit, but the reliance on the finance arm isn't terribly healthy I feel. With interest rates edging up in the US, the outlook for credit business may well deteriorate over the next 18 months. But at least Ford is in profit in Europe.

Mind you, PAG's losses look frightening. Within PAG Jaguar is still the main problem. I wonder what sort of conversations are taking place between Bill Ford and Mark Fields right now? Is the so-called 'roadmap' enough to close that gap given that exchange rates aren't going anywhere anytime soon? Jaguar could do with a hit model...

Anyway, Rob's take is interesting I think. Good to have Rob supplying us with his analysis - there should be more such pieces in the future. And I'm looking forward to meeting up with Rob again soon. He's always entertaining and, after his high-flying career as an analyst working for investment banks in London, he has some great stories to tell over a few pints (naturally).

Golding's take on Ford results


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