Blog: Dave LeggettFord Focus

Dave Leggett | 4 August 2004

Ford has invited me to the European media launch for the new Ford Focus. It's a 24-hour job next month, flying on a charter plane from Stansted to the Tuscany region of Italy. Other commitments make it tight for me, so I may have to send someone else, but I would certainly like to try out the new car in the undulating topography of Tuscany. 

The note from Ford points out that the first generation Focus was launched as long ago as '98. And anyone who recalls the fiasco that was the 1990 Ford Escort European launch in the same segment will realise just what a humdinger that car has been for Ford in Europe (but the Focus in NA, not so - which is an interesting question, but no time here...). Focus and Mondeo have been vital in giving Ford a better image in Europe in terms of drivers' cars in volume segments. 

Focus is a tough one to reinvent, and the new Focus arrives in a segment that is awash with competition and new product - notably Astra and Golf. It had better be good, just to keep the head above water. Expectations will be high.



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