Blog: Dave LeggettFord - evidence of progress

Dave Leggett | 7 June 2007

When I recently interviewed Ford's Mark Fields at his office in Dearborn, he got quite passionate about the improved quality on Ford's North American products. As Ford downsizes in North America and plans for a drop in market share, there must at least be some joy today for the employees over the latest JD Power Initial Quality Study results.

It's the sort of good publicity that might just help to break down that 'perception gap' that Mark Fields talked about. In terms of turning around a car company, getting the product right is - along with developing the right manufacturing footprint - critical and Ford is obviously making progress. It's still got a long way to go, but some things must be going right and that's a good sign at this stage.

Interesting to see also that Toyota in the US is not doing so well now and also that Mercedes-Benz is now clearly recovering and getting its quality act together, finally putting the quality nightmare of recent years to bed.

US: Bridging ‘perception gap’ in NA is our biggest challenge – Ford’s Fields

US: Ford quality eclipses Toyota – JD Power IQS


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