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Dave Leggett | 18 June 2008

That must have been an interesting 'getting to know you' meeting in Vegas involving Ford and Tracinda execs. Or, on reflection, maybe not all that lively. Ford, I guess, would have given a brief status report and Kerkorian's team would presumably have listened attentively and asked a few polite questions. It was probably all very amicable, lots of smiling, a few jokes and there's no reason for it not to have been an agreeable occasion all round.

But I wonder who initiated it? My guess would be that the impetus came from Ford and I can understand why. With Kerkorian's history, you'd perhaps want to make sure that lines of communication are open and clear and that he's on side and fully understands the business objectives and progress being made. He's already indicated he's a Mulally fan and that's a vote of confidence externally that you wouldn't want to upset if at all possible. You wouldn't want him or members of his team playing politics, undermining Ford's management or making unhelpful comments in the press would you? It's an investor relationship worth taking some care over.

I wonder if Volvo cropped up?

US: Ford bosses meet Tracinda for a chat


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