Blog: Dave LeggettFord and Renault?

Dave Leggett | 12 May 2005

Lively old business this carmaking lark isn't it? Too many players, industrial overcapacity, a multiplicity of brands, corporate strategies that fly and others that go wonky, sexy products, products that bomb, successful companies, companies clinging on, larger than life execs. Always plenty to chat about. I'm meeting up with Rob Golding (he of 'Golding's Take') later today over a few jars and we'll not be short of some hot topics. He's on a Ford call (AGM) this afternoon and I was prompted to ring him a short while ago over the latest rumour I have picked up on auto industry consolilidation. According to a source, Renault is getting close to a deal of some sort with Ford that centres on Ford's European operations, possibly a little bit like GM's ex-deal with Fiat Auto but the scope of such a tie-up is uncertain (to say the least!).

The theory goes that Ghosn could work his magic with Ford in Europe the way he did with Nissan, but he would need a pretty free hand to do that wouldn't he? I can't see this one going down well in Dearborn. As myself and Rob agreed, while trying also to second-guess the rationale for such a tie-up: everyone talks to everyone and there's a whole load of poppycock that sometimes surfaces. That said, this industry is no stranger to unlikely looking marriages.  


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