Blog: Dave LeggettFord and cricket

Dave Leggett | 19 September 2008

Ford and the sport of cricket aren't two things you'd normally put together. But there's a nice picture today of young English cricketer Ravi Bopara with a car that Ford has provided. Ford of Britain is based at Brentwood in the county of Essex - just outside London - and Ford acts as sponsor to the Essex cricket team.

Well, as a sports sponsor, you have to take what success you can and milk it for all it's worth.

If Ford of Britain is looking for further, possibly more glamorous, sporting sponsorship opportunities, a couple of prominent football teams might be looking for new sponsors - Manchester United (current sponsor AIG - rescued perhaps, but will surely axe such discretionary spending) and West Ham United (airline/holiday firm went belly-up last week). I guess in the present climate, Ford would be wise to stick to the cricket and providing the occasional car. Don't let that Focus go to your head Ravi!


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