Blog: Dave Leggett'Flying Fins' by Porsche

Dave Leggett | 26 June 2006

How many Porsche Cayman customers realise that their car was assembled in Finland rather than Porsche's Zuffenhausen plant just outside Stuttgart? Contract assembler Valmet has been quietly doing this business - Boxster before Cayman - for capacity constrained Porsche for a few years now. We have an article today on how the parts are shipped from Porsche's southern Germany plant up to Valmet's Finnish plant by rail and then by ship. Sounds like a bit of thought and investment has gone into the logistics here.

Valmet is an interesting company, always on the lookout for opportunities. I recall a conversation at a conference many years ago with a Valmet exec who got very excited by the idea of a trans-Siberian railway linking Korea and Finland that could facilitate bilateral shipments between Valmet and Korean car companies. Nice idea and the geography is sound. Tough to execute though and the Koreans are big practitioners of DIY anyway.



GERMANY: Porsche increases use of rail transport


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