Blog: Dave Leggett'Fifty shares a few key thoughts...'

Dave Leggett | 17 April 2008

Maybe you hepcats out there already know, but GM in North America has been enlisting the assistance of rapper Fifty Cent in some of its marketing events. In New York recently, Mr Cent helped out at a Pontiac press conference and shared the stage with Bob Lutz. I just happened to be searching GM's media website for something and I stumbled upon this transcript. I was wondering what Fifty might have had to say for himself.

As you can see if you click on the below link, Bob Lutz and Jim Bunnel's remarks are faithfully reproduced verbatim. However, there's an odd paraphrasing of whatever it was that Fifty had to say. Did the big Five-0 deliver a fast-running stream of street patois that had the hapless GM transcriber lost?

Or did he impart a 'spontaneous' customised just-for-Pontiac rap (crankin'  Pontiac from illin Generaaal, cup of tea and I'll shoot your spanieeel, no I won't, 'cos I respec da animaaal, I'll shoot you instead and you be dead, and you ain't gonna ride like no maniaaac, but I can 'cos I still got my...Pont-eee-aaac!)?

Please forgive me for that. Lost the plot for a sec and imagined myself on MTV's Cribs stepping out of an Escalade with very shiny wheels and blacked out windows. 

Perhaps the Fifty paraphrasing by GM here could have been condensed to just one line: 'Fifty thought of his fat fee, said Pontiacs rock and asked what the truck will be called.'

Fifty shares a few key thoughts


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