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Dave Leggett | 8 August 2007

Fiat must be learning some lessons from its forays into emerging markets over the last fifteen years. One of the lessons seems to be the importance of getting a partner that can offer distribution. Tata and Chery can both offer more in that area than either Premier or Nanjing Auto could. And Koc in Turkey, plus Fiat's own dealer network in Brazil, are other examples of where good distribution supports local manufacturing operations.

The attached article sets out that the importance of retailing to Fiat's emerging markets strategy. There's an audio clip also (if you listen carefully and in between the traffic noise....the exotic sounding bird noises in the background near the end of the clip are in fact parakeets - many choose to live in London these days).

EMERGING MARKETS ANALYSIS: Retailing is key as Fiat gets closer to Chery


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