Blog: Dave LeggettFiat 'restructuring'

Dave Leggett | 26 June 2003

Just taken a call from CNN. They want me to go to their London studio and talk about a Fiat restructuring announcement expected today. It's a no-can-do I'm afraid - up to my eyeballs today. Shame. I would have liked to do that one. As well as a pile of stuff on my desk that needs to be attended to, I've got to meet up with Les Parfitt from the SMMT to go over arrangements for the Iran trip next week. He's on the road today so we'll be meeting up at a motorway service station to hold our high-level meeting over overpriced and bad coffee and within screaming distance of the hordes on the motorways at this time of the year. Can't wait. Looks like a busy itinerary of meetings and plant visits next week though.

Incidentally, I'll try and post blog entries next week, but I suspect we'll be employing low-tech solutions from Tehran - hand written and faxed to the office, or dictated down the phone - so it'll be a little hit and miss. I can't even text to the office from my cell phone from there because it won't work over there. I guess the telecommunications infrastructure isn't well developed. Maybe they're still on analogue.


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