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Dave Leggett | 16 September 2008

They do things in style at Fiat, I must say. Mark Bursa recently flew to the delightul Mediterranean island of Sardinia on a Fiat press trip themed on the launch of a small utility window van. Fiat has its own beach resort there and, judging by the look of the swimming pool, it's reasonably well kitted out. Ideal for those high-level think-tanks and blue sky thinking strategy meetings (well, maybe a tad better than a meeting room in a hotel by a motorway).

The swimming pool looks pristine and inviting. Pity we can't quite see Mr Bursa just out of shot floating on a groaning inflatable, cocktail in hand. 

To be serious for a moment, the 'Status Simple' slogan and possible brand repositioning for Fiat is something to ponder.

EXCLUSIVE: Fiat brand repositions with ‘Status Simple’ Qubo


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