Blog: Dave LeggettFiat is having it large

Dave Leggett | 18 January 2005

Fiat's press department has sent me pictures of the new Croma (also known to many in the business as Fiat's 'New Large'). Styling looks pretty okay - it's a Giugiaro job - but seeing anything larger than C-seg with a Fiat badge makes me nervous. The Fiat people know their onions when it comes to out and out small cars, granted, but who remembers that awful Tempra saloon back in the mid-90s? It was on the Tipo platform but was supposed to be mixing it with Passat, Mondeo and Vectra/Cavalier - failing miserably in all departments.

Fiat Croma

And then there was the also less than impressive executive class Croma, built on a platform shared with the Saab 9000. They shifted a few in Italy of course, but it was a disaster area in export markets and Fiat eventually exited the segment altogether, leaving it to the Alfa and Lancia brands. In the minds of many, Fiat = small cars.

But here we go again. Fiat is giving it a go. Larging it up. Platform sharing again of course. The new Croma is on GM's Epsilon platform (maybe Fiat will get a discount on the price from GM in return for cancelling that put option). Interestingly, its 2700mm wheelbase is the same as the Vectra saloon's. I'm surprised they didn't use the Signum/Vectra estate's longer 2830wb but there you go. How do I know these dimensions? Here comes the blatant plug: just-auto's very own Production Life Database (PLDB), that's how. It has already been updated for the new Croma. If you want to know more, click below. 



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