Blog: Dave LeggettFiat Grande Punto

Dave Leggett | 16 January 2006

I'm in nostalgia overdrive yet again. The header - below - on our news item about the new Fiat Punto making its UK debut in the shop window of top people's London department store, Harrods, is taking me back to the 1970s British sitcom world of Grace Brothers and 'Are you being served?'. Yes, I know, I need to get out more.

Fair play to Fiat though - it's an interesting move, though I wonder what real benefit there is likely to be given that we are talking Fiat here. Is Knightsbridge crawling with potential Fiat Punto buyers? Wouldn't Tesco be better for Fiat? 

Grande Punto is a crucial model for Fiat. I was a little shocked to see how far Fiat's share of the west European car market fell last year (see the 2005 ACEA numbers report we are carrying in our news today). The clock is ticking on the time Fiat Auto bought with that US$2 billion GM windfall.

UK: "Ground floor - cosmetics, menswear, Fiat Grande Punto..."


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