Blog: Dave LeggettFiat Auto dealer training in UK

Dave Leggett | 15 February 2005

Looks like a good move by Fiat Auto (UK) to launch a new training programme for its British dealer network. It's a positive move, for sure, and the involvement of the IMI is interesting. And, contrary to the impression given by the rather glowing press release issued by Fiat, Fiat in Britain starts from a lowly position and its dealer network is noted for its poor service quality. One of the guys in the office with a Fiat Coupe used to regularly keep us entertained with tales of his somewhat less than ideal aftersales experience at his local Fiat dealer and service centre. But don't take my word for it. Fiat Auto's CEO at the time - Giancarlo Boschetti - took a pretty hefty public swipe at Fiat's UK network a few years ago. But at least they have recognised a problem and are doing something about it, so well done! 

UK: Fiat's boss attacks UK dealers for poor service


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