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Dave Leggett | 2 July 2008

Apologies if you can't open the below link - there might be cookies that mean I'm signed up but you're not (it's voodoo). The Fiat press release provided me with 30 secs of amusement though. Fiat is planning an international series of events for the birthday of the 500.

Here's a flavour: '....each “500 PICNIC” is aiming to satisfy specific national tastes by featuring local attractions: for example, in South Africa, where the initiative coincides with a commercial debut of the FIAT 500, symbolic sites like Table Mountain, the vineyards of Groot Constantia, and the zoological gardens of Johannesburg have been chosen.

'In Tokyo, instead, the event is slated to take place along the ocean in Kasai Rinkai Park, where an "exotic" Italian-style brunch will be offered while guests, together with an emerging Japanese artist, will be able to create works of art with recycled materials.

'The "500 PICNIC" events in Holland, Poland, and Greece have been organised near the sea as well. For example, in Rotterdam, the party will be on a boat, but the guests will be able to show off their cars anyway by lining them up along the quay; in Hel the guests will celebrate at the famous FIAT Playa of this Polish seaside resort; finally, in Athens, the event will take place at Akanthus, an exclusive hot spot overlooking the sea, and will conclude with spectacular fireworks over the water.

'In Switzerland the party will open with a parade of FIAT 500s that will leave from the various dealerships to reach the lake in Zurich, where enjoyable excursions in pedal-boats and the delivery of ten FIAT 500s are planned.'

And in UK?

'London, instead, will host the event at the prestigious [eh?] Alexandra Park, where guests will spend a day of relaxation and good food, livened up with street games, sports, and music.'

Yep, it's a simple piss-up.

Music, art, and togetherness: celebrate the “500 PICNIC” on July 5


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