Blog: Dave LeggettFestive London

Dave Leggett | 18 December 2009

I was in London yesterday for a few meetings. The place was well into the festive swing, plenty of shoppers blocking the pavements as well as groups of office workers out for their Christmas parties in evidence. I met with our electric drive guy John Voelcker, who was over from New York and we talked electric vehicles over lunch. There's a short audio clip below (complete with background operatic soundtrack).

I passed a climate change 'camp' in Trafalgar Square. Makes for an interesting sight just behind the giant Christmas tree that I believe is a gift from Norway every year. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the wider debate, they must be pretty committed to their cause to stay in tents in sub-zero conditions. It snowed quite heavily later on yesterday, which is quite unusual for London. The cold weather is good news for the 'London ice bear' though - he's not melting much. Some pics below. I wonder what Admiral Nelson would make of it all...

Dave Leggett talks to John Voelcker


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