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Dave Leggett | 3 December 2004

It's cold and it is foggy here and I, along with colleagues, am about to take my leave to travel to a hotel in the middle of the Essex countryside for our annual office Christmas party. That means there will be no news on just-auto today - sorry about that, but it can't be helped. It should be a good knees-up though and I just hope we don't descend into throwing food at each other (which happened at a pub a few years back).

But the fun doesn't stop there for me.

Tomorrow I will be travelling up to Norwich to watch a premiership football match - courtesy of Norwich City sponsors, Lotus (who we work with on their newsletter, proActive - it's free to download, see below link). It will be good to meet up with Lotus Engineering's head of marketing, Rob Tickner, again. I worked with Rob many years ago at analysts DRI (now Global Insight). Mike Gartside of PwC-owned forecaster Autofacts is coming along too - he's another DRI old boy. We'll have plenty to talk about.

Lunch is three courses - I like the sound of 'Thai crab salad with mango' to start - at 'Delia's restauarant and bar' (Norwich City director Delia Smith is a renowned chef - broadcaster, recipe books etc - here in UK, so food ought to be good) followed by seats in the comfort of the Directors' box to watch the game. Sounds okay to me. Should be an absorbing game too, if not exactly a masterclass - Norwich City play Fulham so it's a bit of a relegation scrap with plenty at stake. And I must talk to Rob about my need to have a Lotus press fleet car again (Exige was fun I recall)...

 Whatever you're up to this weekend, have a good one.

Lotus newsletter - proActive


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