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Dave Leggett | 18 December 2008

I expect the practice of sending out Christmas cards and diaries to fellow professionals will be down this year, an easy low-hanging saving to be made from marketing or PR budgets. And I guess the e-cards that you receive via email will be more numerous than ever.

There's one thing I think every year and the thought has just hit me again after opening a particularly bland festive card (from people I don't actually know at a major international company) in the email: do it properly or don't bother.

If you do it, please put a modicum of thought into it so that it makes an instant impact with some style or humour. Maybe inject some simple personality into it (get the digital camera out and let's see the team eating mince pies, santa hats on - how difficult is it?). Or use the opportunity to get some sort of halfway useful message across.

Or just forget it (and there is really nothing wrong with not bothering).

But the half-arsed festive image put together in 10 seconds with a name or names at the bottom and distributed to half the world's population doesn't do the sender a lot of favours. I hope I don't sound like Mr Grumpy, but the tacky going-through-the-motions stuff gets on my wick at this time of the year. Put some effort in, or just leave it. Please.

By the way, Happy Christmas (that's me done).


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