Blog: Dave LeggettFederal-Mogul's Alapont

Dave Leggett | 1 December 2009

I'm interviewing Federal-Mogul CEO Jose Maria Alapont later on today at a hotel in London. I'll be interested to get his views on the general state of the supplier industry, as well as on Federal-Mogul (where things look reasonably bright of late). Alapont served some time in senior positions at Delphi as well as Valeo before that, so he should have a good perspective on things.

One thing I have picked up - the guy is on a tight schedule and hitting the ground running when he lands at London Heathrow first thing this morning on a flight from the US. Good luck to him on staying awake. I'm fine heading west and with the sun. When you get to your destination you just have to stay up extra late. Not a huge deal and there's usually a bar that can help ease you in. But the other way, travelling east against the sun? Grim. There's no escape from jet lag as the clock accelerates wildly. Crossing the Atlantic to enjoy the ambience of Heathrow at 7:00am while trying to keep your eyes open ahead of a busy day requires fortitude of spirit and coffee, lots of it.

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