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Dave Leggett | 7 August 2003

Clearing away the tomato sauce and stray gherkin-littered remains of my half-dozen big macs 'n' fries lunch, I chance upon an RAC press release - highlighted by an over-excited inch-high 'embargo' request - that says that overweight motorists are more than twice as likely to be killed or seriously injured in road accidents than lighter people, according to international research "reviewed" by the RAC Foundation.

This has led said foundation to call on car "manufactures" [presumably it means 'manufacturers'] to consider further in-car safety features to compensate for the extra hazards and for overweight drivers to be more aware of the risks they are taking, blah-blah.

Well, duh!, as Homer Simpson might say. I could have told them that based on watching, as a cheeky 10-year-old, a generously dimensioned neighbour shoehorn himself daily into his Fiat 500. The bigger you are, the closer you are to the bits that one day might hurt you, and you don't always react as fast.

This sort of thing strikes me as typical of the bumpf churned out in a slow-news summer to try and get a bite from the tabloid newspapers - you can imagine the Sun's headline.

But, rather than regurgitating research work already done elsewhere, I'd rather see the RAC Foundation going loudly into bat for UK motorists - have we heard from them yet about the sneaky Treasury proposal to hike the £25 first registration fee - the archtypal stealth tax - to £38?

I lied, by the way - lunch was soup 'n' toast.
Graeme Roberts


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