Blog: Dave LeggettFast Bentley that runs on E85

Dave Leggett | 25 August 2009

This rather passed me by, but the Bentley Continental Supersports 'prototype' really is rather fast. Its 6-litre W12 twin-turbocharged engine is capable of running on either petrol, E85 biofuel or any combination of the two (it's the first Bentley that can run on E85, but more are planned). So there's a hue of light green to go with a 0-60mph sprint time of just 3.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 204mph. They put Le Mans legend Derek Bell in one at the Goodwood Festival and he took it out for a spin with a few lucky journos in the passenger seat. A 621bhp Bentley, a narrow lane that serves as track, a few tasty bends, Derek Bell at the wheel....this short clip captures the drama pretty well.  



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