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Dave Leggett | 23 July 2004

As promised yesterday in this column, I have indeed spent most of today slaving in front of hot spreadsheets and I am – to use an aviation term – about to ‘bail out’ and get a cold beer. Early evening is very pleasant here - warm and sunny with a slight breeze. I’m hoping the weather will stay kind as I’m planning to go along to the Farnborough Air Show tomorrow.

It’s a trade fair primarily, held every couple of years at an aerodrome about thirty miles to the southwest of London. It’s opened up to the public for a couple of days when the business side of things is done. Frankly I can’t get too excited over seeing the latest Airbus (although the A380 double-decker should be quite something in a couple of years time). It’s the vintage planes flying that get me going – things like the ‘Battle of Britain’ Spitfire (what a design that was, grace and performance). And the VTOL Harrier is always a crowd pleaser with its gravity defying tricks.

Actually, there are a couple of just-auto contributors who are into aviation and aerospace. Mark Bursa has been at Farnborough all this week working on a show daily for Flight magazine. He knows his aviation stuff. Last time we talked aircraft he informed me that there was once a serious plan to strap Russian trawlers to the top of the mighty Antonov cargo plane and fly them from the Arctic down to the fishing grounds of the South Atlantic (remember the first piggy-back space shuttle flights?). I think he was on the level. What a sight that would have been. Also, he had some stories which may mean I keep my seatbelt fastened for the duration next time I’m flying. He does.

And ‘Waggy’ – Ian Wagstaff – was also at Farnborough earlier this week too. He even managed to get a short news item for just-auto out of it – motorsports/aerospace synergies. It was on the edge of what we can publish, but I like us to do something a little different occasionally. Waggy had his new toy with him – a digital SLR camera – and he took some great shots I’m sure. The airbus touching down with the visible smoke puff from the tyres is quite nice – see below link.

Whatever you’re up to have a good weekend. Beer o’clock here. Over and out.

UK: EXCLUSIVE: Motorsport and aerospace industry synergies apparent at Farnborough Air Show


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