Blog: Dave LeggettFAI and FAI have new agreement

Dave Leggett | 4 February 2004

I've been sent a press release from Joe Gantly over at Fiat in Ireland that caused me to scratch my head for a moment. The gist of it is that FAI has some sort of deal with Fiat. The release is mainly for domestic consumption, so I wasn't at all sure who or what the FAI is. And to add to the confusion, Fiat Auto Ireland shares the same acronym. I skimmed the copy....'“The new deal reflects a strengthened commitment between both organisations as we enter a very exciting period for football in Ireland”, said Fran Rooney CEO of the FAI.'

Ah, there's the clue - we're talking football so FAI is the Football Association of Ireland. Fiat is entering a one million euro sponsorship arrangement that includes FIA personnel getting a fleet of cars - Alfas for senior management and Multiplas for some twenty regional development staff. But you won't be seeing Fiat's logo on the shirts of the Irish Republic's national team - eircom appears to have that premium sponsorship spot.  


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