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Dave Leggett | 30 June 2008

For those that don't know, The Sunday Times newspaper is heavy duty. It's thick. Much of it is superfluous to requirements, but I've got a long habit of buying it to skim through to the bits I like. This week two things in it stuck out. Jeremy Clarkson's column was one of them. No, it wasn't his review of the BMW M3 convertible. He didn't rate it too highly and had a particular problem with the sat-nav system. Nothing too surprising there.

But in his 'other' column in the review section, he proceeded to rant about his new BBC office canteen and an unhappy encounter with a packet of pumpkin seeds. I just had to marvel at his ability to get paid to have a rant about something, well, pretty trivial. I suspect he was up against it on the old deadline and just had to get some words out quickly. Hats off to the man; he managed to slag a (presumably) major client for his broadcast services for having the temerity to put him in a new office with facilities and people that were not quite to his satisfaction. And he got paid to do the slagging in the Sunday Times! Not bad going. C'mon Beeb. Surely that 'media village' canteen can stretch to the odd hot dog for Jezza, eh?  

The second thing that stood out was an interview with the new boss of Siemens, Peter Löscher. It's a vast company that has had a few troubles lately. Interesting interview and it will certainly be intriguing to see how he gets on. But there's a bit at the end where they ask for a few personal details like favourite film, book etc. What car does he drive? 'I have no car.' What?! A major German industrialist - at a giant engineering firm that serves the auto industry among others - does not have a top-of-the-line German luxury or sports car to play with at the weekends? I nearly choked on a pumpkin seed (okay, doughnut).  

Peter Löscher makes Siemens less German


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