Blog: Glenn BrooksEye watering Audi prices in China

Glenn Brooks | 19 August 2011


That's 4,996 yuan for each of the W12's 500 horses

Audi has just announced the Chinese market launch of the A8 L W12 6.3 FSI quattro, which is not only its most lengthily named, but also its priciest model. In Germany, the car costs €138,300. In China, thanks in part to hefty import taxes, that rises to Yuan 2,498,000, equivalent to a breathtaking €271,536.

If the latest issue of the Hurun Wealth Report is anything to go by, Audi should expect to sell more than a few units of its flagship to Chinese buyers. Just have a look at some of the numbers that the Report lists:

  • One person in every 1400 has assets of at least 10 million yuan
  • China has 960,000 individuals with personal wealth of 10 million yuan, up 9.7% on 2010
  • Beijing is home to 170,000 millionaires
  • 42% of China's wealthiest individuals live in the country's east
  • 55% are business owners, 20% property speculators, 15% stock market investors and 10% salaried executives
  • China has 60,000 super-rich with assets of 100 million yuan, up 9.0% on 2010



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