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Dave Leggett | 30 January 2006

I see Exxon is doing okay. I just received a call from a young lady at CNN enquiring as to my availability for interview later today. Fiat results, I thought? Been a while since I have been over there and done an interview. Yes, I said to myself, maybe I should make the effort even though I have plenty to do at my desk, it is cold outside and it means finding a suit and travelling up there. 7:30pm tonight? Screws up the evening, though I have nothing special on. Do I stay or do I go? 

And then she said it: "We want someone in the studio to talk about Exxon's results?"

Well, I pride myself on my flexibile attitude to most things but I thought that might be stretching myself just a little bit too far. Besides a general observation that the oil companies are clearly making a little hay while the sun shines, I'm not sure what I could have added. She was probably looking at the wrong contacts list. But the profit figures are pretty staggering. Exxon's profit surged to over $36 billion in 2005. No wonder these guys are attracting a little flak.


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