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Dave Leggett | 18 May 2009

The Environmental Transport Association has issued a press release that unwittingly had me laughing. They are criticising the UK government's scrappage scheme, predictably enough. They do have green and ethical axes to grind, after all.

But they got my attention with the example they chose to highlight how the scrappage scheme could work against its intended goal of making the vehicle fleet greener. 

Bentley has apparently signed up for the scheme and I loved this absurd example the ETA people put together for the release:

'In theory it means that someone who scraps a 1999 Volkswagen Lupo TDi 3L, (81g CO2/km) and buys a 2009 Bentley Arnage (465g CO2/km) would receive a £1,000 taxpayer-funded payment.'

I have to agree with them that while that transaction would no doubt be hugely appreciated by the Bentley people at Crewe (and probably Alistair Darling, too - there's a fair chunk of VAT in there), it's not exactly good for the environment. Good point, well made.

And there will probably be plenty of cases where someone drives off the forecourt in something dirtier than they scrapped - and taxpayers will have helped them do it.

I wonder if we'll eventually get a slightly sick competition among dealers to find the most 'ungreen' transaction carried out under the scheme?

UK: Scrappage incentive hits trouble on Day One


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