Blog: Dave LeggettExploring the 'sweet spot' between motorcycle and conventional car

Dave Leggett | 30 July 2014



The product space just below the 'conventional car' is an intriguing one. It's nothing new - think of the 'quadricycles' in Europe long churned out by the likes of Ligier (I once heard a cynic say: lost your licence drink-driving? step right up to a 'car' that does not require a driving licence!) - but there is more product activity in this area lately. The aim is to devise a product that hits a market niche - maybe a commuter niche - for a vehicle that is lighter and more fuel efficient than a conventional small car. It might be electric, like the Renault Twizy. Gordon Murray Design has the T.25, which is a very narrow design.

And I have just been reading about a start-up planned in the US: Elio. It's a three-wheeler and another interesting idea. Will it fly? It's something to keep an eye on and this interview with the guy behind it, who used to work at Johnson Controls, is worth a read.

The Tiny Three-Wheel Car That Could Be The Next Big Thing


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