Blog: Dave LeggettEuropean sales/production data

Dave Leggett | 2 September 2003

A posting in the just-auto dicussion forum raises the throrny issue of the publication of national vehicle sales data in Europe, the detail offered and the efficiency of publication. The situation is a mass of inconsistencies. Here's how the major national markets look every month in terms of official new car sales data released with press releases and for free: manufacturer detail - UK (SMMT), Italy (ANFIA); make and model - Germany (KBA - but VDA issues totals), France (CCFA); just market totals - Spain (ANFAC).

In the case of Spain's ANFAC, one has to wait for the hardcopy to arrive through the post and then remember to add the todd terranos to the passenger car numbers so that SUVs are captured. And if you want to find out why the hardcopy has not arrived or the numbers in it look odd, you'll find getting someone to pick up the phone in Madrid is a victory in itself.

Attempts to bring everyone together have been unsuccessful because of the politics involved (an unfortunate wider European theme of course). The European carmakers' association - ACEA - can publish monthly market totals that break down by make for western Europe as a whole, but they cannot go down to make by national market.

It's a mess. Ditto vehicle production data.


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