Blog: Dave LeggettEuropean car of the year

Dave Leggett | 17 November 2003

I've just been sent a press notice about the winner of the 2004 European 'Car of the Year' award, but I cannot tell you who the winner is because there's an embargo which means nothing can be published until the 18th November. But it is the 18th already in the Far East isn't it? I don't see anything in the notice specifying 00:00 hrs GMT. Actually car companies can be very touchy about stuff like that - I remember someone at Saab going mental over something we allegedly published early once. My protestations about the dateline didn't go down all that well I seem to remember. Okay, I'll give you a clue and hopefully the car company concerned - if it even sees this - won't take great offence. The name of the car is based on a big furry animal which is well known in China and eats bamboo leaves. Got it?


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