Blog: Dave LeggettEuro-NCAP and Max Mosley

Dave Leggett | 7 April 2003

Flicked through the latest Car magazine earlier. Liked the Crossfire ('Body by Motown, soul by Mercedes') and the feature comparing Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley Arnage T and Maybach was a hoot. But one section stood out. Car interviewed the FIA's President Max Mosley, a man more associated with running F1 than with motoring safety, but who has been instrumental in getting the car manufacturers to sign up for Euro-NCAP crash-testing. It's pretty clear that playing a part in improving motoring safety brings him more personal satisfaction than the glamour of F1 administration. He makes a good point about safety and marketing with respect to Renault:

'When we began crash-testing just over six years ago, working with the car manufactures was difficult,' Mosley told Car. 'But they've signed up to our programme. The first to realise its importance in marketing was Renault. Ten years ago, no one would think of Renault when it came to passive safety. Now they have a number of models which have come top in our tests, making Renault more or less on a par with Mercedes - a standard the public are more familiar with. Renault has used its Euro-NCAP results to change its image.'


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