Blog: Dave LeggettEthanol: you mean there's a downside?

Dave Leggett | 23 July 2007

As with most of these things, the picture is often a little more complex than it at first appears. As far as ethanol is concerned, I've mentioned some of the negative issues in here before. The partial nature of ethanol as a 'solution' is perhaps underscored by the shortage of E85 pumps, but there are also the deeper problems associated with the production of the necessary crops, too.

And CO2 'neutral' (a claim attracting more controversy) comes with much higher fuel consumption. It's generally a better scenario to have good environmental motives and consumer wallets pulling in the same direction.

As far as the case for the prosecution goes, this article by Neil Winton sets out the main arguments. As he notes though, it may be that second generation ethanol from biomass shifts the ground back towards ethanol (you'll see the article at the top of the left-hand margin). 

Diesel Efficiency Likely To Trump Even Subsidised Ethanol


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