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Dave Leggett | 3 November 2005

I’ve had one of those e-mails that has you raising your eyebrows. It would seem that some senior people from Nanjing Auto will be speaking publicly next week about their business plans involving the ex-MG Rover assets that they have acquired. As guests, perhaps, of the West Midlands Chamber of Commerce or some similar such body connected with the West Midlands? You might think so, but that would be employing far too conventional a thought process.

Did you not know about the ‘long friendship between Essex County Council and Jiangsu Provincial Government’?

That is a direct quote from a brochure that I am looking at announcing that Wang Qiujing (VP Nanjing Automotive Corporation and in charge of NAC’s Longbridge working group) will be in Chelmsford next week to speak at a free seminar.

I am just about curious enough to go along, as Nanjing has seemed reluctant to say much about its plans so far.  

Here’s the text of the mail I received:

Dear Mr Leggett,

The new Chinese boss at MG Rover will be speaking in public on the 10th November about Nanjing Automotive Corporation’s plans for MG Rover and how UK automotive companies can work with NAC in Longbridge and in China. 

This event is made possible by the long friendship that has existed between Essex County and Jiangsu Province, home of Nanjing Auto, China’s oldest vehicle manufacturer. This is a rare event and automotive sector businesses are invited to register now for this FREE morning seminar, including buffet lunch.  Other speakers will talk about general business conditions and opportunities in Jiangsu Province and there will be a chance to network with officials from Jiangsu’s Trade Department and Development Zones.

I’d be grateful if you would help us communicate this opportunity – we are a non-profit agency.  If you have an email mailing list of automotive companies who might be interested would you be able to send them the following text plus the e-flyer attached?

You are cordially invited to a FREE half-day seminar, including buffet lunch, to:

Hear from the new Nanjing Automotive boss at MG Rover

Please see the attached document for more details and a booking form.    

The Essex Development & Regeneration Agency


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