Blog: Dave LeggettEPS steering systems keep on advancing

Dave Leggett | 12 October 2011

I was talking about steering systems with our component systems specialist Matthew Beecham earlier. There's a fair bit going on with the way that advanced electrical power steering (EPS) systems are put together these days and it's an area that not only offers fuel consumption and environmental benefits, but can also be integrated with a variety of other electronically controlled systems to enhance safety (eg driver assistance) and comfort (chassis and suspension).

And all hybrid/electric vehicles require EPS systems for steering operation in electric mode, so that also promises volume growth.

In an interview with just-auto, Charlie Cregeur, director, global steering product planning for TRW Automotive’s chassis division, outlined the next generation EPS. He said: “For the next decade, the market will continue to increase fitment of EPS and will strive to have large segment vehicles matching the performance of the lower end B and C segments. OEMs will add more functionality to steering systems thru software algorithms that can for example help offset the effects of side-wind forces on the vehicle, suppress some hand-wheel vibrations due to chassis components and enable higher fitment rates of marketable features like park assist.”

It's a far cry from the simple rack-and-pinion system on a Triumph Herald that I once helped a friend take apart. I seem to remember I spent most of the time making the tea, reading Haynes and marvelling at my friend's dexterity.

If steering is your bag, there's a free presentation available at the very readable blog on this website: Automotive IQ (as well as an interesting article on how the Apple iPhone 4S Siri voice-activated assistant will further pile the pressure on big-ticket factory fitted navigation systems).

And there's an advanced steering systems conference from conference organisers IQPC coming up next month in Germany. Programme and speaker list looks pretty good.

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